Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Release!

On July 20 Beachwalk Press are releasing a new anthology called Psychic Seductions.

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

My story, Something in the Water, was great fun to write.

Kindergarten teacher Jill O’Halloran does her best to disregard the visions she sees in pools of still water, having learned from a young age that it wasn’t something that happened to normal people. But when images of Darcy Albright in the throes of passion keep appearing, they prove too difficult to ignore. Jill can’t understand why she’s so drawn to Darcy. Sure he’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t do relationships.

When Darcy’s ex-wife drops a bombshell, Jill discovers that he’s all too familiar with futuristic visions. But is the prospect of learning more about the gift she’s denied for so long worth the risk of falling for him?

Want a free copy of Psychic Seductions on release day?
Leave me your email address in the comments section and I'll sort it out with Amazon to deliver it to you on the 20th. That's American time by the way, so for us Aussie's it's more like the 21st.

The first 10 people to reply are the winners. Go!


  1. Too fun, Lisa! And happy congrats on your newest release! I'm at fedora at gmail dot com :) Thanks so much for celebrating with us!

    1. Thanks so much Fedora. I'll send you a copy now! Hope you enjoy it.

    2. I'm sure I will--thank you SO much!